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We understand the building blocks of value.

Many business owners believe that determining the value of a business is as simple as multiplying net income by an industry-specific rule of thumb. But that one-size- fits-all approach ignores all the factors that give your unique business a different value than another similar business.

Because business valuation is as much art as it is science, it’s essential to work with an analyst with professional credentials. The professional judgment of the analyst is just as important as the financial performance of the business in determining an accurate and defensible value.

Our business valuation team at Schanel & Associates is led by a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

This means you’ll be working with trained and experienced professionals who understand the many factors that affect the value of a business. We have the depth of experience you need to get a valuation that stands up to legal scrutiny.

Here are some situations where you might need a business valuation:

  • Calculation of the value of an estate after a death
  • Division of assets in a divorce
  • Negotiation of a purchase, sale or merger of a business
  • Succession planning for a business

When you need to know what your business is worth, you can rely on our team of experienced analysts. You’ll be working with a team that has the training, expertise and experience to perform the work professionally, thoroughly and with attention to all the factors that have an impact on value.

Do you need to know how much your business is worth? Call our office today to discuss how we can help you.