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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a client?

To become a client, you can engage in one of three ways: our 1040 Tax Premium Service Package (for individuals), our Business Tax Premium Service Package (for business owners), or as a wealth management client.

How much does it cost?

Pricing begins at $175 per month for individuals and $325 per month for businesses. Factors that affect pricing are complexity and time necessary to do the work. The agreements are month-to-month subscriptions and remain in force indefinitely until canceled.

How will this benefit me?

By serving a select group of clients who are committed to a year-round relationship, we will be able to do our best work. You will have access to a dedicated tax accountant to answer questions, provide advice and provide guidance throughout the year, not just at tax time.

Can I just bring my accounting work in at the end of the year?

We no longer service once a year “drop off” work. 

What if I have my own controller or bookkeeper?

For clients who have their own bookkeeper or controller, the Business Tax Premium Service Package should cover most or all what you need for accounting and tax services. Included in this arrangement is support and guidance for your bookkeeper/controller if they need assistance or help with an accounting issue.

What if we do not have a controller or bookkeeper for our business?

Our Client Accounting Services (CAS) solution includes maintaining your personalized QuickBooks Online file by posting debit and credit transactions to your company’s general ledger (“bookkeeping”) and producing financial statements on a periodic basis (“write-up”).

Depending on your situation, we offer CAS services on an hourly basis, with hours available for purchase in advance in blocks of 10, 25 or 50 hours, or via a monthly fixed fee arrangement.

What is the best way to work with your team during tax season?
For information on how to best work with us during tax season, please review our Tax Season Best Practices document
Do you use remote staff located offshore?

Yes, we do! We partner with TOA Global, a specialist in supporting accounting firms in the US and Australia.

Our remote staff typically focus on small business accounting work using QuickBooks Online (QBO), as well as corporate tax work.  They are more than just “workers”; we talk with them daily and consider them to be colleagues and friends.

Security is a top priority for us, and our partners at TOA Global deliver. They offer Enterprise-Grade Protection, including comprehensive Information Security Training for all staff. Physical security measures at their facilities are robust, featuring swipe card access, CCTV, on-site guards, strict mobile device policies, clean desk protocols, and personal lockers for team members.

The reality is stark: there simply aren’t enough accountants in the US right now to do the work that clients want done. That is why so many accounting firms are turning to offshore solutions. This is not about cost cutting, it’s about building a sustainable firm that will survive and thrive into the future.

What else makes a client a good fit for our firm?

Clients who may be a good for our firm include client who:

  • See the value in having a year-round partner.
  • Are motivated to keep their tax work organized and up to date.
  • Take a collaborative approach to working with a client service professional.

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