To Our Valued Client:

As a firm it is our goal to be “more than just accountants” when providing client service. We seek to see the big picture and provide clients with guidance and advice, not just a completed tax form. We also pride ourselves on completing accurate tax returns in a timely manner, even in the face of an increasingly compressed tax season.

To help in this effort, we have established a relationship with Xpitax, LLC. Xpitax is a U.S. company that provides “back office” data entry and organizational services for tax professionals. We will use Xpitax for certain tax returns to electronically organize tax workpapers, enter basic data into our electronic tax preparation software, and reconcile totals between source documents and tax schedules.

To be clear, the procedures performed by Xpitax include source document processing and data entry – not tax preparation. All tax returns will be prepared and signed by an experienced member of our team. Any discussions regarding your return will be between you and our tax professionals. That will not change. However, because Xpitax is a third-party provider, the Internal Revenue Service requires that we obtain your consent before allowing a third party to input your data.

Below is a link to an official IRS consent form. We ask that you click on that link and sign this consent form via our e-signature software Right Signature.

But before you do sign, please note the following:

  • We have performed due diligence on Xpitax and are fully confident in their ability to perform the assigned work accurately and securely. Our firm used Xpitax on a trial basis more than a decade ago, and we were impressed by the quality, thoroughness, and accuracy of their work product.
  • Xpitax is legally obligated to safeguard your information and has robust protection and security systems in place. We would not use Xpitax if we were not completely confident in their ability to secure your private information.
  • Work will be performed by offshore personnel, a process that has long been in place among U.S. accounting firms both large and small with great success and security.
  • If you choose to consent, that does not necessarily mean we will use Xpitax to assist in the processing of your tax return. However, your consent will provide us with the ability to use Xpitax when necessary to relieve backlog and deliver high quality service throughout a busy tax season.
  • If you do not choose to consent to have your information input by Xpitax, we will still provide you with tax preparation services.

We thank you in advance for your assistance with this important initiative.


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